Florida LED Lights

BlueMar, Inc. is now an induction and LED lights distributor in Florida with direct access to the factories that produce these new eco-friendly light systems.

LED lightsAuto Dealerships, Car Washes, Convenience Stores, and any other retail or commercial facilities that use metal halide, high pressure sodium, or other high intensity incandescent type bulbs will find that an LED retrofit conversion offers many benefits:

  • Save money by reducing electric utility bills
  • Long rated life reduces bulb replacement labor costs, especially for hard to reach light fixtures
  • Increase the life-cycle brightness - that is, lumen maintenance - of lighting fixtures.
  • Instant start-up and restart - this makes induction lighting a great match for sensors and other similar Green technology


Convenience Store Canopy Lights  
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We can also help with other commercial, industrial and municipal applications of LED and induction light systems in Florida- Contact Us for more info.